Wedding Registry

Your wedding registry is for you and your family and should be created with a lot of future practicality in mind. How many times we hear countless complaints about useless wedding gifts newlyweds have chosen :

“ I just loved this crystal vase at the store but now I realize that it completely does not fit into our modern style living room”

“ The set of silverware we received is too beautiful to use every day and it now seats in the kitchen drawer.”

To start, create a list of absolutely necessary appliances and cookware in your kitchen that can not be lived without like coffeemaker, toaster or a set of good knives. Think twice if an expensive waffle maker  or an ice cream maker will be used more than once and you have space to store them in your kitchen.

Do you really need an expensive china and how often it will be used. If the item will be used once or twice only, do not put it on the list.

At the same time choose quality over budget. For example, there is no need to choose cheap sheets and bed-in-a-bag sets. The bedding will be used and will be washed  a lot of times so it is OK to indulge in high- quality Egyptian cotton.

Always keep in mind the style of your home. Traditional china will not fit in a modern Ikea style kitchen.

Selecting the cookware and bake ware is easier and depends on your taste mostly. But all of it should be easy to clean, preferably of the same or same range color and style and not very bulky. You will need a lot of space to store that 30 pieces cookware set.

A new trend is to have guests just give you gift cards or certificates for  your favorite stores. This can be fun since you can then purchase unusual wedding gifts like DVDs, books, bridal lingerie and that expensive camera that the groom was asking for 2 years.

Another popular idea is to donate to the charity of your choice in lieu of gifts. For the people who do not know you well this will be perfect.

And last but not least, make sure you have different price points on your register. A rich elderly aunt can afford an expensive china but for your young college friends who just got engaged and are still paying off their student loans this will be a financial burden.