“ Our wedding in Italy will be remembered by many generations in our family. The venue at the medieval villa in Tuscany couldn’t have been more perfect. The villa is surrounded by an old well maintained garden and countless vineyards and provided the excellent location for a wedding ceremony. For a reasonable amount of money we had plenty of room for 20 people.

It was the exact fairytale we wanted to experience. The atmosphere and the food was simply amazing. The scenery is picturesque and unmatched. The local people and service was superb and we could not have found anything like that in the USA. Our family and us came 3 weeks early and got married in the last week. The 2 weeks spent preparing the wedding in this magnificent country were completely stress free.”

 John and Carla, who were married in Italy in 2013.


“ We wanted to have a wedding in a tropical paradise. So we always had Hawaii on our minds as a wedding destination.

It took us 2 years of saving money and 1 year of precise planning to have a nearly perfect wedding there. There is nothing like handmade leis, luscious palm trees, fresh ocean breeze, tropical jungle and hidden waterfalls. We opted for a small family only ceremony on the beach with tiki torches and local flowers. It was carried out just before the sunset so we had all of the wedding photography captured.

The traditional food, local juicy fruit and music created a unique and memorable reception. “

 Alex and Jessica tied the knot in Hawaii in 2012.


“ We got married in ultra-romantic Paris. Just close family and a handful of friends present. We rented an  elegant private chateau with balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower and quite a big garden in which the wedding reception was held. The food and catering was impeccable. We spent our honeymoon sightseeing, eating at a small intimate local cafes and wandering on the small Parisian streets and parks. It was once-in-a-lifetime experience for both of us and our families.”

 Annette and Frank, had their nuptials in Paris, France in 2013.